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The Benefits We Bring You 

Full Professional Standards Approval  
We are approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). This gives you the peace of mind that when we insulate your home we will maintain and exceed benchmarked Insulation Quality Standards.  

Uncompromising Quality 
Our efficient and streamlined Surveying and Installation process is complemented by a culture of 100% professionalism that runs throughout our company. Your project will be managed and inspected by the business owner to ensure it meets our exacting Quality Standards. 

Value for Money 
We are proud to offer the benefit of Envirobead Insulation products which means you can invest in quality insulation products at great value prices. We manage each Cavity Bead installation using Envirobead Plus EPS beads, which have been certified by the NSAI (Irish Agreement Board Certificate No 08/0302) 

Assistance and Support 
We’re here to help you with your application for an SEAI grant for house energy upgrading – making sure the process is as easy and smooth as possible. 

Safety Assured 
We have fully comprehensive cover for Public/Product Liability Indemnity and Employers Liability Indemnity Insurance. Every member of our team adheres to our strict Safety Statement policy ensuring all work is carried out in the safest way possible. 

Absolute Efficiency 
From punctuality to follow-through and clean workmanship – we deliver. 

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Our Insultation Services in Galway

Cavity Wall Insulation 

Many homes in county Galway lack proper insulation, leading to heat loss and increased energy bills. Let us help you reduce heat loss by up to 30% with our Cavity Wall Insulation Upgrade. It’s easy and affordable with a grant of up to €1,700. 

Attic Insulation 

The SEAI says inadequate attic insulation can result in heat loss of 20% to 30% through the roof. By upgrading your attic insulation, you can keep the heat where it belongs – in your home – and improve energy efficiency.

What is Home Insulation? 

Did you know if your home is not properly insulated you could be losing between 40% and 60% of your home’s heat through the roof and walls? If your home is well-insulated, minimum levels of heat will pass through the fabric of the roof – so less heating is needed to keep your home cosy and comfortable.  

Home insulation is a building material used to contain heat within your home in cold weather, and keeping it cool in the hotter months. Upgrading your investment with insulation improves energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality. It means the value of your home is increased and is environmentally sustainable.  

What’s the Process? 

With Instant Eco Homes your insultation upgrade is quick and easy – and we work with you to secure your SEAI Home Energy Grant.  

Get in touch with us here to arrange a FREE Insulation Upgrade Survey. 

Apply online here or by post for SEAI Grant funding for your insulation upgrade.  

You will need to provide: 

  • A valid email address 
  • Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) – found at the top of your Electricity Bill (11 digits long). 
  • Details of Dwelling (must be built before 2011) 
  • Our Contractor Details as follows: 

Contractor Name Instant Eco Home 

Contractor ID 17794 

Contractor Location Clare 

Area Serviced Connacht or Munster 

The Grant Offer will be made online and will be valid for 8 months once you click ‘Accept’. 

You will receive a Letter of Offer in the post, together with the Declaration of Works forms you will need to claim your grant. 

We complete your Installation Upgrade at your convenience and follow up with quality checks. 

We carry out a post-works BER assessment and you receive your new BER rating. 

You submit the BER assessor’s Declaration of Works document, along with ours, to the SEAI – together with your Request for Payment Form. You will receive your Grant within 4-6 weeks. 

The Benefits of Home Insulation 

Reduce Your Fuel Bills 

Quality insulation can considerably reduce your fuel bills as it will prevent heat loss in the colder months so will minimise the need for constant heating. That’s significant savings for you! 

A Warm Family Home 

Keep your family’s happy place warm and welcoming, with no cold drafts or uneven temperatures. An insulation upgrade will give you a consistent indoor environment that’s cosy in winter and comfortable in summer.  

You Can Get a Grant

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers generous Government-Aided Grants of up to 80% towards insulation upgrade costs.  It’s the environmentally responsible and SMART choice. 

A Healthier Home

By sealing gaps and cracks, an insultation upgrade will prevent allergens, pollutants and moisture from entering your living space – improving the indoor air quality of your home. 

Increase Your Home Value 

Insulating your home is a wise, long-term investment – increasing the resale value of your property. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

By reducing your energy consumption you’re contributing to a greener, more sustainable future – taking care of the planet for future generations.

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