Attic Ladders
& Floors

Turn you attic space into an accessible storage solution

Your attic Storage

Did you know your attic space can be a convenient heaven for household storage needs, for items such as your Christmas Tree & decorations, suitcases, storage boxes, spare building material & paints, family heirlooms etc. Why waste valuable living space and clutter the areas of your home that you use every day, when there is a quick and easy alternative.

Instant EcoHomes can supply and install high quality attic ladders and flooring by an experienced Carpenter. This will allow you safe and easy access to your attic, and give you the ability to fulfil your homes full storage potential. We can offer you a highly competitive quote as part of your Insulation upgrade, including a free suitability survey.

attic Flooring

We can safely and securely install 18mm Oriented Strand Board (O.S.B) Attic flooring for you at a low cost, to maximize your homes storage capacity. We will advise on how much space is available to you and identify areas in your Attic that may be suitable for shelving for even more storage space. To keep your Attic insulation working effectively and per regulations, we will raise any existing and new flooring to a suitable height using counter batten timbers. Your new Attic flooring will be screwed down which can then be easily lifted in the event of an emergency.

When installing Attic Insulation, it’s a requirement to have floored access to the water tanks and any other services equipment which may be located in your attic. We will include this attic flooring installation as part of all Attic Insulation upgrades. 

attic Ladder

An Attic Ladder will allow you safe and secure accessibility to your attic & storage location. We offer a wide range of sturdy and comfortable Attic Ladder solutions to support your circumstances. All our installations are surveyed for suitability and completed by a Professional Carpenter, to ensure your safety and the structure of your home are appropriately assessed and delivered.

We can also install your Attic Ladder system in a completely new location or room if required and deemed suitable. This involves creating a new hatch opening.

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